Zhuge Academy customizes the English programs with students’ different ages and levels, in order to provide specific learning methods and improve their full abilities to listen, speaking, reading, and writing.

English Program

  • Phonics / Vocabulary / Reading


    Teacher: Angie, Alysa, Ipek

  • Grammar / Vocabulary / Reading

    G1 - G2

    Teacher: Amin, Ipek, Iman, Maria

  • Writing / Vocabulary / Reading

    g3 - g4

    Teacher: Ipek, Amin, Angie, Alysa

  • Academic Writing and Reading

    g5- G6

    Teacher: Amin, Iman, Shiren

  • Writing / Vocabulary / reading

    g5 - g8

    Teacher: Amin, Iman, Shiren

  • Academic Writing and Reading

    g7 - g9

    Teacher: Amin, Iman, Shiren


    g9 +

    English Literature

    Teacher:  Amin, Ipek, Iman, Shiren

  • ANY



    Teacher: Amin, Iman, Josephine, Zynp



    Adult English

    Teacher:   Ipek, Josephine

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