The tips of How to use online classes
Please keep your WeChat online, we encourage students to attend class online! Here are steps on how to use Zoom online:

1. Download Zoom - 

2. Our teachers or staffs will send students Zoom Meeting ID and password, please check the information in the WeChat class group to avoid late for class.

3. Sign into class 5-10 minutes before it starts, if there is any technical issue or attendance issue, the classes may delay 5-10 minutes, please understand and have a short wait.

4. Be prepared to learn! 

A. Have your paper, pen, and notebook ready to go! We will send out the notes, learning materials, worksheets, assignments etc. through Zoom online in class and by WeChat. Please advise us in advance if you need all learning material to be sent via another solution. If the parents or students don’t let the staffs know that they need another solution to receive the material, we will only send the material  via the Zoom or WeChat class group.

B. Please dress the same way you dress at school - No pajamas!

C. Make sure your laptop works, make sure it's fully charged, and test your camera and audio and make sure they work. D. Call Zhuge Academy (604-336-9 928) or reach us on WeChat if you're having any problem. E. The room you learn in must be private/quiet. No barking dogs, no family members, no loud background noises, no TVs, etc.  F. Please submit your homework in time through WeChat class group or email. Thank you so much for your understanding. Please note this is our first time trying this system and we will do our very best! Please feel free to send feedback to us directly at  
Thank you very much Zhuge Academy all teachers and all staffs


Dear All Zhuge Family,
First and foremost, we hope everyone is safe and doing well. Our team wanted to share some of our thoughts about what Zhuge academy is facing and how we are responding. Right now, our role as an Education company is rapidly reacting during a tricky time like this.  Health is the priority in a tricky time like this. Our team has been working around the clock to ensure that everything is as smooth as possible at Zhuge Academy.  We have been following closely the direction from the provincial and federal authorities to determine the best course of action for our academy. We have been monitoring of student and staff attendance for any patterns of absenteeism that may be of significance such as illness involving high fevers. We have been ensuring cleaning touchpoints of all classrooms and exterior doors are wiped down and all washrooms (sinks and toilets) are cleaned of our school. We have been using a "Bleach Solution" to wipe down frequently all desks, chairs, entire washrooms (including walls), plus any contact points (i.e. light switches). We have been requiring all students to wash their hands as long as they enter into Zhuge Academy.  We have been requiring all our teachers and staff ware Face Mask and gloves if they are using public transport, and also requiring them to wash their hands more frequently. We have removed the seating area in our lobby in order to limit the gathering in our school. March break France trips were cancelled. We have been working very closely with Zoom Meeting for planning to offer online learning if we should temporarily close our in-class programs to ensure students’ academic progress is not significantly impacted. Based on the announcement that BC Schools will be closed indefinitely, Zhuge Academy has decided that after Spring Break we will become an online school until further notice. Our team, teachers, staffs are learning, adjusting the Zoom classes room from the beginning of March.  Once we ran a very successful trial in this week, we are confident that for the remaining 10 weeks of term, Zhuge will be able to offer a high-quality learning experience to all students. We will send out details on how to access Zhuge Online classes.  Private classes will continue online and should be arranged directly with your private teacher. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by 604-336-9928, also by email, or by Wechat to anyone on the team.  There is a great deal of uncertainty locally and globally. We are in a difficult time and find ourselves in uncharted waters. We are committed to continuing to update our families regularly to answer questions that are likely surfacing. Thank you for all you are doing to support others at this difficult time. At last, our best wishes to you, your family, your beloved persons  as we navigate the days ahead together.


Zhuge Academy all teaches and all staffs  

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