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Creative Masters Art Class & Digital Art Tablet Painting Class

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Zhuge Academy Kids creative art class is now started!

1. Masters Art Class

Description: Through this program, the teacher will introduce, explain, and analyze the works and styles of art masters from a perspective that children can understand. Then, the teacher will instruct and guide students to imitate the styles of masters, while combining their own ideas and imagination to create their mini “masters” work.

Curriculum and Course Highlight

  • Starting with examples, students will learn to recognize and establish technique from imitating the masters’ work.

  • Using artist stories to arouse the interest of students.

  • Studying in an environment which is full of encouragement and creation to broaden the scope of knowledge, learn more about art history, and enrich the understanding and knowledge of paintings.

  • "Interpretation" teaching: cultivating and strengthening students’ personal art expression abilities. Develop students’ image thinking, logical thinking, and creative thinking, thereby promoting children's intellectual growth.

Major Topics: Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Susan Point, Oscar-Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock, Paul Klee, Yayoi Kusama, and Maud Lewis.

Class Schedule: Tue & Thurs

2. Digital Art Tablet Painting Class (Specialized in anime characters)

Description: Zhuge digital art (tablet painting) class aims to convey artistic principles and artistic techniques to students by using modern technology and software. In this course, students will use Ipad, Ipad pencil, and digital programs to draw 2D images. In details, this class will focus on drawing anime characters, and teachers will teach how to draw eyes, hair, human body, and light and shadow. Meanwhile, the teacher will convey various digital painting techniques and help students understand perspective drawing and composition. Moreover, the teacher will provide personalized instructions and guidance for each student to develop their personal painting style.

Curriculum and Course Highlight

  • Master efficient digital drawing techniques.

  • Be able to use digital drawing software.

  • Understand color theory, perspective drawing and composition, and light and shadow.

  • Develop personal drawing style.

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