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Fine Arts

Art is not a required subject in BC Curriculum but it is necessary for all-around education. Zhuge Academy has specially designed art courses. Through the perception of colours, lines and shapes, students can better explore the world. It can also help to develop curiosity and imagination. 

Designing on a Tablet
Tablet Painting


Tablet Painting 

Class Levels: Basic/Advanced

  • Paint with Tablets

  • Learn how to use digital art software

  • Get to know the technological special effects

  • Exercise different painting techniques

Watercolor Painting


Watercolour Painting 

Class Levels: Basic/Advanced

  • Create characters with watercolour

  • Cultivate the perception of colour and shape

  • ​Improve aesthetic ability

Anime Sketch



Class Levels: Basic/Advanced

  • Enhance ability in observing and modelling

  • Study on structure and spatial relationships

  • Learn the effects of lights and shades ​

  • Lay a solid foundation for the learning of other painting arts

Our teachers

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts education.

  • Unique insights into painting with in-depth study and research on sketching and colour.

  • 20+ Years teaching experience


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