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Mandarin Program

Mandarin Foundation Class

This class will build skills in basic Pinyin, Character, Reading, and Speaking

We offer a small class environment to ensure the highest quality of learning. Our classes are strictly divided based on age and Chinese-level proficiency, with four students in each class.

All courses are equipped with WeChat tracking learning groups, and feedback learning questions to teaching assistants at any time.

- Chinese Enlightenment Class

- Chinese Advanced Class

- Chinese AP/IB/SAT II preparatory class

Mandarin Class

Raising a Hand

K - G12

Mandarin Lessons

The textbooks are divided into three levels: elementary, middle, and senior levels, with 5 volumes for each level, totaling 15 volumes. Contains 1680 high-frequency words, and covers about 3000 vocabulary words required for the National Chinese Proficiency Test and North American Test.


The design of Huizhong's teaching materials is novel, interesting, systematic, and practical. The textbook has 16 full-color pages, supporting A and B exercise books, and color literacy cards, suitable for students in grades K-12.

Our teachers

  • Advanced international Chinese teacher

  • Senior media professional.

  • Wrote and published <Hui Zhong Guo Ji Han Yu Fen Ji Jiao Cheng> and created special teaching strategies which designed for Chinese born in Canada.

  • Extremely good at college-level Chinese courses and exams, including AP and IB.

  • Have more than 600 students in Canada and devote herself to teaching the Chinese language to overseas Chinese.

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