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Language lays the foundation for understanding and learning other subjects. We customize our English program to students of different ages and levels, to provide specific knowledge and improve students' full abilities to listen, speak, read, and write. Our teachers set specific learning goals, formulate effective teaching methods, and produce measurable results in your kids' learning.

Language Lays
the Foundation

What We Offer:

K - G1 Phonics



K-G1 Phonics

For K-G1

  • Phonics

  • Reading in English

  • Basic vocabulary

  • Basic grammar






Creative Writing  For G4-G6, G7-G9, G10+

Academic Writing For G6-G7, G8-G10, G11+

Writing in Social Studies For G8-G9, G10+

  • Writing ideas brainstorming

  • From clear sentences to logical paragraphs

  • Learning different types and structures of essays.

Novel Study



Novel Study Program

For G1-G2, G3-G4, G5-G6, G7-G8, G9-G10, G11


  • In-depth analysis of classic literary works 

  • Improve reading and comprehension, language use and expressive ability.

  • Learn the writing style and skills of famous writers

  • Study creative writing


Study Group

SSAT - Elementary/Middle/Upper

The program contains three modules, vocabulary, reading, and writing.

  • Advanced academic vocabulary

  • Synonyms and related words

  • Reading analogy

  • Writing with logic


Literary Assessment Preparation

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Literacy Assessment Preparation

Starting in 2020, BC officially cancelled the Provincial Test of English in Grade 12 and introduced the English Literature Test (Literacy Assessment).


  • ​More emphasis on reading social science articles

  • Critical thinking and writing skills

  • Responding to new short answer questions

Essay Tutoring

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Essay Tutoring

For G8+

  • Improve reading speed

  • Accumulate materials for creative writing

  • Get familiar with various writing topics & structures

  • Prepare for various exams

Our teachers

  • American Culture and Literature / English Literature and Translation

  • M.A. in English Translation. 

  • Experience in SSAT, SAT, English writing, English literature comparison courses. 

  • BC certified Secondary teacher.

  • CELTA certified teacher.

  • Experienced in Special Needs education

English Program

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