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Our Teachers

A Professional and Two Kids

Ms. Ada

French Teacher

MA in French Education

 BA in French Literature

9 years+ French teaching experience in French schools

Specialized in educating kids & teenagers in French

Teaching in Classroom

Ms. Anna

French Teacher

MA & BA in French Education 

DELF Certified French Teacher

7+ years of teaching experience 

Specialized in French language exam preparation


Mr. Cam

Spanish Teacher

Ph.D in Hispanic Studies from UBC
12 years+ Spanish teaching experience in teaching all level Spanish learners from beginner/intermediate to advance/ C1 level and Spanish immersion.
Instructor in UBC, University of Pennsylvania, and Universidad de los Andes


Smiling Woman

Ms. Chen

Chinese Teacher

B.A. in Chinese literature

and Education
More than 10 years of teaching experience in China.
More than ten years of overseas teaching experience.


WeChat Image_20190909113039.jpg

Ms. Cihon

English Teacher

Double major in English and American Literature

TESOL Certified Teacher with 

10 years+ teaching experience

Leader of Novel Study masterpiece appreciation course

Specializes in elementary/middle school students 

Teahcer at a Math Class

Mr. Dickson

Math Teacher

MSc Economics

MSc BSc in Applied Mathematics
BC certified teacher

UBC IB Program Certificate
Specialized in IB Math


Ms. Fad

French Teacher

MA in French Studies SFU

MA & BA in French Translation, Language and Literature
8 years+ French teaching experience
French Translator/Writer

Specialized in teenager French education

Mr. Garcia

Math & Science Teacher

PhD of Chemistry in UBC
Master of Physics in UBC

10+ years of experience teaching Independent school certified teacher


Mr. Godbout

English Teacher

B.A. in Language Literature UBC

BC Certified Teacher

22 years of teaching experience in 

Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Arts.

Specialized in AP/IB/SAT English, BC secondary school English

Math Formulas

Mr. Khatoonabadi

Math Teacher

Ph.D. in Mathematics and served as Head of the Math Department as well as Dean of Faculty

20+ years of experience teaching Math in Universities, Colleges, and High Schools

Specializes in teaching college-level mathematics courses as well as training students for various academic competitions

Mr. Guan

Math & Science 

MSc in SFU

BSc in UBC
6+ years of teaching experience in university

Specialized in K12 BC Math , Science courses, SSAT Math.

Ms. Jiang

Chinese Teacher

Advanced International Chinese Teacher

Senior media professional

Wrote and edited Chinese textbook "International Chinese Grading Courses"

Experienced at college-level Chinese courses and exams, including AP and IB


Ms. Jo

Math Teacher 

B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Math

Certified Math teacher

6+ years of Math teaching experience

Mr. Jody

Math Teacher

Ph.D. of Mathematics in SFU.

MSc. in Mathematics, MSc. in Geotechnical Engineering, BSc. in Civil Engineering

10+ years of teaching experience

 in pre-calculus and calculus; foundations of numeracy; algebra

Mr. Kas 

French Teacher

MA & BA in French Literature

French Immersion teacher

BC Certified French Teacher

10+ years of teaching experience in French 

Specialized in AP French and French Immersion

Math Formulas and a Calculator

Ms. Cheung

Math Teacher

Master's of Science in IT Education from the

University of Hongkong

Bachelor's of Mathematics

from UBC

BC Certified Teacher

21 years of teaching experience for mathematics

Fire Crackers

Mr. Wang

Chinese Teacher

BA in Chinese Literature

15 years teaching Chinese Literature in Chinese public schools

4 years experience teaching Chinese Literature overseas

Ms. Leon

Spanish & Arts Teacher

B.A in English Literature,

minor in Spanish

BC & Ontario certified teacher

14+ years teaching experience in Spanish 

Experienced with teaching beginner, intermediate, and advanced Spanish

Students in Computer Class

Mr. Mike

Biology & Computer Science Teacher

BSc in Biotechnology and Master's Degree in Computer Science

5 years of experience teaching Java, Python, Scratch, and other programming languages

All Computer Science students received full marks on their AP Exams

Mr. Mallari

Math Teacher


Master of Mathematics in UT

10+ years of teaching experience in BC schools

BC certified teacher 

teaching G11 Math

Specialized in BC secondary Math, Calculus, AP Calc, Pre Calc, and Math Contests


Ms. Jessie

English Teacher

Master's Degree in Curriculum design and English Education

Certified Teacher

 8+ years of teaching experience

Tailor students' curriculum on specific learning needs 

Ms. Martinez

Spanish Teacher

Official DELE Spanish test examiner 

Teaching Spanish in Vancouver since 1997

More than 20 years of teaching experience

Specializes in AP and IB Spanish

Ms. Mina

Biology Teacher

PhD of Medicine in

Windsor University

BSc/MSc of Biology in

University of Calgary

8 years+ of teaching experience in Biology/Nutrition/Physiology

/Biomedicine field
Specialized in high-school biology/ AP biology

Mr. Niasad

English Teacher

M.A. in English Translation. 

B.A. in English Literature

and Translation

12+ years teaching experience

Specialized in SSAT, SAT, IELTS, English writing, English literature comparison courses. 

Mr. Ouwerkerk

Computer Science 

BSc of Mathematics in UBC, Education degree in Mathematics from UBC

BC Certified Teacher

20+ years of Computer Programming teaching experience various private schools in Vancouver

Specialized in APCS, Beaver contest, CCC contest teaching

Mr. Pretty

Spanish & French Teacher

Master of

Education and Applied Spanish

Top Independent School

BC Certified Teacher

Spanish Director

20 years of Teaching experience in Spanish and French

Mr.  Salimy

Math & Computer Science

Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering UBC, GPA 4.0/4.0

MSc, BSc  in Aerospace Engineering

10+ years of programming experience in C++, Python, and Matlab

Researcher in Data Science, Applied Mathematics, and Optimization applications

Mr. Service

Economics Teacher

Master of Education, Bachelor of Business Administration with Honor
24 years + teaching experience in public & independent school

BC Certified Teacher
Specialized in Economics 12/AP Micro & Macroeconomics/IB Economics
All students have been awarded a full mark in their AP Exams.

Mr. Sha

Social Studies Teacher

Bachelor of Education ​UBC, Bachelor of History and Human Geography with Honors, UT

 9 years of teaching experience 

Specialized in AP Human Geo, World History, America History, and BC secondary school Social Studies

Mr. Sharifiomid

English Teacher

Master of British & American Literature and Cultural Studies

CELTA certified teacher

12+ years of teaching experience

Specialized in SSAT/SAT/AP English, IELTS, BC secondary English

Mr. Sivam

Computer Science

Master's in Computer Engineering 

6+ years in teaching Scratch, Python, Java and AP Computer Science

Winner of robotics competition conducted by NASA

12 years of using Java, C++, Python at Microsoft, Amazon.


Ms. Akila

Computer Programming Teacher

Master's Degree in Computer Applications

12 years of teaching in Java, Python, Scratch, and other programming languages

All taught AP Compsci students received full scores on their AP Exams

Mr. Vari

Science & Math Teacher

Ph.D of Medicine in UBC

MSc in Mechanical Engineering UBC

8+ years of teaching experience

Specializes in Secondary School Mathematic & Engineering, Medicine, and Biology Courses

Ms. Wang

English Teacher

M.A. in Criminology from Ryerson University

TEFL Certified Teacher

Bachelor in Sociology from UBC

BC Certified English teacher

8+ years of teaching experience in universities, public schools, and learning centers 

Specializes in ESL, Social Studies, SSAT, Employment Law, Public Speaking, and Debate

Mr. William

Statistics Teacher

PhD of Mathematics in UBC

Master of Statistics

12+ years of teaching experience

in Advanced Math at high school level

Specializes in Grade 12 Statistics


Mr. Oliver

Computer Science

BSc in Computer Applications, Master's Degree in Computer Science and Economics

5 years of teaching Java, Python, Scratch, and other programming languages

All students received a full 5 points on all AP Exams

Elementary Classroom

Ms. Zhang

Fine Arts Teacher

Bachelor in Fine Arts Education.

15+ years Fine Arts teaching experience

She has unique insights into painting, with in-depth study and research on sketching and color. 

Ms. Zhang

Math Teacher

MA in Education 

Curriculum Developer and Teaching Assistant

5+ years teaching experience

Specialized in elementary school level math education

Ms. Zhao

Chinese Teacher

B.A. in Chinese Literature

20+ years of Chinese teaching experience in public school

in China.
6+ years of overseas Chinese teaching experience.

Specialized in Chinese language and culture


Mr. Hoss

English Teacher

M.A. in TEFL

Certified English teacher

Certified IELTS teacher

17+ years of teaching experience

Specialized in all level General English, English literature, writing and IELTS preparation.

Math Teacher

Ms. Natalie

Math Teacher

B.A. in Mathematics and Mathematics Education

M.A. in Curriculum Studies

Certified Math Teacher

6+ years of teaching experience

Expertise in teaching junior and intermediate students

Powerful Computer

Ms. Raghav

Computer Science Teacher

23+ years software tech industry experience with 5+ working in Amazon & AWS.

Professional in programming language like C++, Java, C#, ,NET. etc.

Interview Panel member in Amazon and can help for interviews with Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix.

Expert inguding BC high school students for university coding projects to boost the chance for university applications.

Expertose in teaching programming contests such as CCC, and AP Computer Science.

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