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AP Program

Why Take AP Courses?

Advanced Placement (AP) exams are offered by the College Board, an official non-profit organization in the United States, that help you save money and time in college by taking college credits early and graduating early.


Bonus points for applying to top U.S. schools

Students who take AP exams are required to have prerequisite courses, meaning that they need to spend extra time preparing for the AP exams while attending their regular school work. Students with high AP scores are often considered to have excellent academic skills, good time management, a clear professional orientation, and outstanding research and academic ability.

Ivy League colleges require students to have 5 or more AP exam scores for admission. And as the number of applicants increases over the years and the number of admissions decreases in a competitive environment, obtaining a perfect AP score is what will increase an applicant's core competencies.


Find your major of interest

Some students confirm their direction of study for their college major early on, but some students do not have a clear goal for their future direction of study. During the AP exam preparation study process, students can explore the direction of their major of interest through an in-depth study of the course.

Save time and tuition by exchanging college credits

AP courses can be exchanged for 3-6 college credits, both in Canada and in the U.S., saving you money on college tuition and even earning you a higher scholarship.

Writing a Diary

Register by March each year and take the exam in May each year.

Every year, AP exam registration is a headache for everyone, with few spots available and a tight field of exam subjects. Often, you are not able to get a spot on the exam even though you are fully prepared to take it.

Zhuge Academy is here to help students with their AP exams! 

Taking Notes in Class

Choose your AP courses

Some students think it is better to take more AP exams, but it's hard to have the energy and time to handle too many AP subjects at one time. It would be more than worth it to focus entirely on AP exam preparation and compromise your GPA in high school coursework.


3 to 4 AP courses with a perfect score of 5 are way better than 6 to 7 AP courses with scores of 3 to 4.

When choosing AP subjects, students should consider the ideal major of their ideal college and choose AP subjects that match that major.

According to the popular majors of college applications in recent years, we have listed the official AP selection guide published by College Board for students.

What We Offer

AP Computer Science A

AP Physics

AP Calculus AB

AP Biology

AP Macroeconomics

AP Calculus BC

AP French

AP Spanish

AP World History

AP Comparative Government and Politics

AP Chemistry

AP Microeconomics

AP Chinese

AP United States History

AP Statistics

Why Choose Zhuge?

  • Professional Team of Teachers

  • 95% of our AP teachers are those from the top 5 high schools in BC

  • Over 90% of our teachers have a master's or doctoral degree in the subject they teach

  • Knowledge and practice of test points

  • Special pre-test tutoring, exclusive high-score tips 

  • Over 95% perfect score rate (5 points)

  • One-on-one teaching, tailor-made

  • Small class sizes with group discounts

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