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Our Science Program integrates the knowledge of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, and Astronomy. As with the study of different concepts of science, students can also build connections between these concepts. All the classes design is based on the BC Curriculum, with an emphasis on the students' personal experience and experimental abilities. 

Science Primary

Science Class
Science Primary

Course Description

  • Stimulate interests in science and technology

  • Cultivate the ability to think and practice

  • Establish a thorough understanding of different concepts

  • Obtain excellent grades in exams

Science G8 - G10

Chemistry Class
Science G8-G10

Course Description:

  • Based on BC science curriculum

  • Consolidate the students' knowledge of different subjects

  • Learn towards the future majors in university

  • Obtain excellent academic performance

Science G11 - G12

Young Scientist
Chemistry/Physics/Biology G11-G12


Course Description

  • Deepen understanding in a different subject, including chemistry, physics, and biology

  • Conduct personal research projects under the guidance

  • Preparation for AP science exams

Our teachers

  • BSc, MSc, Ph.D. in Science and Engineering from Top Universities in Canada

  • More than 6 years of teaching experience

  • Teaching methods are logical and clear

  • All students have demonstrated significant improvement in their overall GPA, learning capacity, and cognition skills

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