MPM is an abbreviation of Multi-Process-Model. It is a math program for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Through the Multi-Process Model (MPM), students solve a complex problem through simple steps. By breaking a big problem into smaller parts first, students can exercise their logical reasoning skills to get to the solution.


This program is designed and developed in Taiwan, which has over one million students in the past 20 years. MPM Math is a leading math program that cultivates independent problem-solving and critical thinking skills through the enjoyment of math. Students learn mathematical concepts and solve sophisticated math problems using basic skills they’ve acquired in the program.

MPM Math

 K- G12

MPM Math Program


Study Time:  24 sections per term ( 45 minutes-1 hour per section, recommended two sections a week)

Goals and Learning Outcomes for all courses:
Students who have studied MPM Math have the flexibility to apply mathematical concepts to solve a variety of flexible and complex mathematical problems.

New students will take an assessment to determine their starting level.

Our teachers

  • Professionally Trained by MPM Organization

  • BSc, MSc Applied Mathematics from Top Universities in Canada

  • Teaching methods are logical and clear

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