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2018 Chinese Culture Summer Camp-the Ancient Silk Road of China

Zhuge Academy will organize events by time to time to connect parents and students relationship in our location. Also, we have Summer / Spring Camp Programs Abroad once a year! Study with cultural immersion, activities you would never forget, and visits to a country with their mysterious history.Better yet, summer/ spring camp organizers are out there specifically to help you have the adventure of a lifetime!

During the trip, students learned more about China history and cultures. They discover the ancient mysteries of the Silk Road including bazaars where merchants haggle over camels and carpets, where they meet the nomadic minorities of China, and attend music, dance and artistic performances.

8 days of adventure !

Silk Road tours allow students to step back into the 13th century as you visit the cities of the legendary silk traders and monks. Travel through deserts where silk traders have traveled for thousands of years.

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