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Reggio Readiness Program—Private School Prep Class

For the mainstream education system in North America and Europe, two Early Childhood Education teaching approaches have attracted people’s attention. These two approaches are The Reggio Emilia Approach and the Montessori educational approach. In recent years, The Reggio Emilia Approach has been recognized by many private schools in North America, such as the highest-ranked private schools in BC, Crofton House School, York House School for girls, and St. George's School for boys. Most of these high-ranked private schools have mentioned Reggio's educational philosophy in their schools’ ECE teaching curriculum.

Childhood is the golden period of intellectual development. Children’s learning habits, social skills, cognitive skills, communication skills, problem-solving and other soft abilities will be cultivated to various degrees at the age of 3-5. Therefore, how to choose early childhood education program has become the focus of most parents today.

At Zhuge Academy, we have created a program with an approach to learn using the Reggio Emilia fundamentals where children are given an opportunity to enhance and boost their development in a creative and open-ended environment. Zhuge Academy Reggio Readiness Program aims to consider children as individuals and stimulate their curiosity about their lives and surroundings, so that boosts their potentials to learn and develop. In the Reggio Emilia educational theory, instructive, emotional, and sociological influences are the significant factors that influence children’s behaviors, attitudes, and learning outcomes. Therefore, the Reggio teacher will implement many strategies to bring students numerous opportunities to discover their self-interests, encourage self-expression, cultivate logical thinking, and develop problem-solving skills.

Zhuge Academy Reggio Readiness Curriculum

Social Emotional Learning

l Learning based on children’s interests and through provocations.

l Enhanced cognitive skills.

l Soft-skills Development.

l Social skills development through interaction and collaboration with teachers/Peers.

l Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Academic Learning

l Phonics & Reading Readiness.

l Math & Numeracy Skills.

l Fine-Motor & Writing Skills.

l Visual Arts & Creativity using various Art Mediums.

Zhuge Academy Reggio Readiness Program major principles

  • Emergent Curriculum

  • In Depth Projects

  • Representational Development

  • Collaboration

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