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Summer Math Programs - Adding Up Your After-School Activities

When it comes to education, especially as it relates to getting ahead in your career, simply going to school is not enough.

While attending class is an essential part of education, it is not sufficient on its own. School can only offer so much in terms of education. It cannot offer the full range of extracurricular classes required to make you a well-rounded individual. The average school does not teach kids coding or video making. It does not teach kids how to program and build robots. They do not teach basic financial literacy, time management, conflict resolution, or interpersonal communication. Furthermore, the average school does not have specialized and advanced classes dedicated to a particular subject. That is why any person who desires to become a well-rounded student should supplement their education with various extracurricular classes, participate in clubs, and enroll in summer programs.

Math is a subject that every student will encounter. It is a crucial subject for gaining admission to top universities, particularly in STEM fields. Many selective universities require applicants to have completed advanced math courses, such as calculus and statistics. Most universities look for students who have proven themselves on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT. The most prestigious universities look for students who have gone out of their way to excel in these areas. A good way to demonstrate this is to enroll in after-school programs such as summer classes. Many universities have prominent summer math programs which will definitely help you stand out in your college application.

Below are some of the most prestigious and highly selective math summer programs in the world:

SUMaC: SUMaC stands for Stanford University Mathematics Camp. It is an intensive residential program covering advanced math topics in algebra, geometry, number theory, and more. SUMaC is held at Stanford University during the summer, and it helps students explore complex mathematical topics and improve their problem solving skills. This program is highly competitive, but alumni go on to attend top universities and pursue successful careers in STEM.

Ross Mathematics Program: The Ross Mathematics Program was founded by Dr. Arnold Ross in 1957. Hosted by Ohio State University, the Ross Program is a challenging six-week summer program in number theory, algebra, geometry, and combinatorics. It is perfect for high school students with a strong interest in math. The program delves deep into these topics and allows students to foster their creativity and develop problem-solving skills. Additionally, it includes guest lectures and group projects, stimulating their learning and providing hands-on experience. A highly selective program, The Ross Program has produced some of the most successful mathematicians. Alumni have gone on to attend some of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

PROMYS: PROMYS stands for Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists. It is a six-week program at Boston University with a focus on providing a challenging and stimulating experience for students who have a strong interest in math. The program features challenging problems and projects. Students also receive guidance and support from experienced mathematicians and educators. Another highly competitive program, PROMYS alumni have gone on to attend prestigious universities and make significant contributions to mathematics and science.

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